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Re: Re: Re: The

Posted by: Jak () on Wed Oct 9 14:55:27 2002

(Sorry, 1 of th# k#ys on my k#yboard isn't working so ill just us# wh#n#v#r I hav# to. Good luck with my cod# languag#)

Note: Batspeed Inc. has added the (e).

Wow, this post really got me thinking... the importance of vision is underestimated a lot. I wonder just how many MLB players are wearing contacts and how many all stars are. My guess is probably not a lot.

Also, the whole dominant eye thing really intrigued me. I wonder if maybe parents should encourage their children to swing opposite of what thier dominant eye is, this way they have thier dominant eye facing the pitcher. I'm guessing that many of the great baseball players have a dominant eye which is different from their natural batting side.


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