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Re: Re: 10yr old making contact

Posted by: Terry Shaw () on Tue Apr 25 05:35:45 2000

Jack Mankin wrote:

"""""Of course good swing mechanics are always very important. But I think one of the main reasons so many kids have trouble with timing and making contact is the lack of swings at a live arm. They spend far too much time facing a pitching machine, soft-toss or the "T" as compared to swings at live pitching. --- I have often found that good hitting teams had a coach with a well-conditioned arm. When I got sore, a quick moving game of "work-up" came in real handy and the kids always enjoyed it."""""

Hello All,

The proceeding question is meant to be asked from an efficiency point of view (mainly the hitter's efficiency).
In comparison to full distance live arm pitching, What are your thoughts concerning 20-25 foot front toss from behind a screen (underhand but with motion backwards then frontwards, much like soft toss) ?

Also, please explain the quick moving game of "work-up".

Thanks, Terry Shaw


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