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Re: softball slapping

Posted by: Jim (jwelborn@lexcominc.net) on Fri Aug 24 22:10:41 2007

> Hi,
> My 12 yr old daughter recently made her middle school softball team and her coach is trying to teach her to slap. She is having a difficult time understanding the mechanics of this and so far is unsuccessful at making contact with the ball. I have limited knowledge of slapping and was wondering if anyone knows of a website or has personal information that might help me to work with her more at home with this.

Hi Steve,

Larry Ray's slapping and base running video is the best resource for the fundamentals of slapping. Check it out on ebay (http://cgi.ebay.com/Slash-Dash-Slapping-Base-Running-FastPitch-VHS_W0QQitemZ330158760000QQihZ014QQcategoryZ50810QQcmdZViewItem) or email Coach Ray at the University of Arizona (go to their website).

A few things to consider about slapping.

Your daughter must be a fast base runner... average speed is not good enough even if she's a natural lefty. For age 14 and above, 3.0 or less to first base is essential. For age 12, you can probably add a tenth or two.

Insist that she work on slapping IN ADDITION TO a regular swing. Slapping is pure linear swing mechanics. Its a mistake to learn slapping and loose touch with the rotational swing. Both are very effective weapons in the game of fastpitch. The athlete who can do both with competence will go a long way.

If she's a righty, learning to slap will be a long process depending on her athletic ability. It won't happen in one season. If she has the speed, once she makes the committment, turn her around totally. Don't let her practice at all from the right side until she can effectively slap, bunt and swing lefthanded. Age 12 is a great age to begin learning the skill.



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