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Re: Re: Mechanics

Posted by: Jerry 220 hitter () on Thu Mar 24 09:53:01 2011

> HI cj howard> This web site does talk about getting the swing plane on the path with the ball right from the launch postion.On you tube it showed how Arod wasnt doing that when he was slumping.THey also show how the bat should in line with the lead forearm at contact.and not in a dog leg postion out of line with the lead forearm at contact .These are some points that can help a batter square up the ball. The circular hand path gets the actual Bat Head on line with the ball faster then knob to the ball approach does.Knob to the ball does get the knob to the ball faster but who needs that? Also if a batter has the same consisten balanced mecahanics its easier to ssquare up the ball on the bat and hit it consistantly hard. but with that said if a batters timing is off the batter wont be able maintain a good rotational swing or wont be able to make contact with the ball.


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