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Re: Re: Re: Back Elbow Down

Posted by: JCAZ (joeteg@gmail.com) on Thu Apr 14 10:22:18 2011

> Well, please tell Joe Morgan, A rod, Griffey Jr. Albert Pujols, Hank
Aaron, Manny Ramirez, D. Strawberry, List goes on, even the 2010 no 1
pick Bryce Harper who by the way can hit over 500 ft. That they either
have or are doing it wrong. Really back elbow down??? Amazing!! If
only they would do it the right way.
> I have to say elbow UP

I believe having the back elbow up is a function of pulling the hands
back into proper position prior to launch. If you pull the hands back
to the catcher with the top hand and hide your hands from the pitcher,
this will naturally extend the lead arm snugging it into the chest.
This connects the body to the arm/bat. When the shoulders start to
rotate, the arm/bat come along for the ride. This also causes the bat
head to tilt back towards the pitcher and sets the batter up for some
good THT. Elbow should not be above hands though and hands should be
at or just below the shoulder.

One of my favorite sayings when working w/pitchers is "let your body
deliver your arm". That comes from Tim "the freak" Lincecum, great
pitcher. But I think that also applies, at least somewhat, to
rotational hitting.

Sorry for the side-track....but just to say "keep your elbow up" is
useless and yes I hear it all the time also.

Getting your hands back with a low elbow, or not getting hands back at
all, will also cause some significant flaws and slower bat speeds.

Conclusion..... it's about getting the hands back in the proper
position before the swing begins. This will cause the elbow to be at
least somewhat elevated in most high level hitters.


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