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Posted by: Brian @ Batspeed, Inc () on Wed Apr 26 23:26:05 2000

Hi Everyone,

The video production is almost complete, final-final modifications are being made. There are a few loose ends that our company is despritely working to complete, ASAP. We truly apologize for the time delay, and as a result there will be a special price offer to all Batspeed customers as soon as these loose ends are tied up.

For our customers convenience: there will be a secure online order site for fast processing.

SWING REVIEW ANALYSIS CUSTOMERS: even though we HIGHLY RECOMMEND purchasing the instructional video along with a swing review (so that you can combine Jack's corrections along with a rotational swing), you may purchase it seperately. Now would be a good time to video tape your swing and have it ready to send. Jack will need 5 -10 good natural swings at a ball (or sock) from near the pitchers mound (use caution) and 5 - 10 good natural swings at a ball as viewed from across the plate (near 1st base dugout for right handers and opposite for left handers). Your swing will be broken down in frame to frame motion with complete analysis of your swing. Batters will be given recommendations on how to correct particular problems in their swing, however, in the swing analysis batters will not be given instruction on how to perform a rotational swing, apply torque and other key forces as described on the website - unless you have previously purchased the tape (Jack simply cannot re-teach every batter all materials on the instructional tape).

As a promise to all, the tape and swing review will be available very shortly. Thanks for your patience,

Batspeed, Inc.


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