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Re: Apology Re: THT

Posted by: Jack Mankin (MrBatspeed@aol.com) on Wed Apr 20 16:08:08 2011

>>> I want to apologize, somewhat, for an earlier post in which I stated
that I did not see the value of THT from a "practical" point of view,
since I thought the muscles in the forearms were minuscule compared
to the torque created by the hands continuing back AS the lower body
started to rotate back toward the pitcher.

After reading almost everything about THT on the website, I came
across something Jack posted in "Wrist Action or Torque," Then, I got
it! <<<

Hi Mickey

First, let me apologize for not responding to your posts earlier. THT is a tough concept to visualize and I wish I had better writing skills to describe it. Glad to hear the mechanic is starting to work for you. As you point out, the pulling rearward with the back-forearm is an important component of the torque that accelerates the bat-head rearward.

Note; For those that are not familiar with the bats rearward acceleration, the following video may be helpful.
Rearward Acceleration -- Good & Poor

However, there is a second and equally important component to applying THT. As the video below shows, the rotation of the back-forearm as the elbow lowers also contributes significantly to THT.

Understanding THT



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