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Re: do the hips load??

Posted by: dave (nytino20@aol.com) on Wed Aug 29 05:28:17 2007

I am very confused now if I should load my shoulders back before the timing step or during. In the swing mechanics listed on this website it states "The batter has started his timing step. The hips, lead-knee and lead-shoulder are beginning their inward turn toward the catcher from a more straightaway position."

On the booklet that comes with the DVD it has the stance listed first then it goes on to the inward turn followed by the stride. I am just confused on if I should be loading my shoulders before I stride or as I stride. Funny thing is I tried loading them before I stride and for some reason this makes my front foot stay closed upon foot plant. Whenever I try to load and stride my front foot lands very open.


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