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Teaching the rocking motion

Posted by: Mike Miles (mmiles1953@yahoo.com) on Fri Apr 29 20:26:30 2011

Jack, I read Lau's 1980 book on hitting and his speculation on his observation of hitting was not the quality of your scientific observation using motion pictures.

He stated that to teach your ball player to "Rock" my term or load and transfer weight, have the ball player rocking back and forth and time the pitch or hitting machine to have the ball at the plate on the batters forward motion.

My second thought would be to have the ball player (hitter) on a falmingo leg (like Oh) and throw pitches or hitting machine throw pitches to teach the loading and transfer of weight from the back leg to the front.

Oh used alot of martial arts in his hitting philosophy. We need to do more research on the Sumari approach to hitting.

Mike Miles


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