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knob to rear shoulder good cue??

Posted by: dave (nytino20@aol.com) on Thu Aug 30 05:50:47 2007

i was thinking about the rotational swing and it seems as if I think about the knob touching my rear shoulder at initiation it helps somewhat. The knob starts at the rear shoulder and for it to get it there you have to load your elbow back (scap loading). You really see this in Vladimir Guerrero. This position with elbow back in 3rd base dugout (right handed batter) puts your hands at your shoulder (hiding hands) at initiation. The key is holding it there. Just think rotate bat head from initiation to contact. I can completley understand why linear mechanics are not good for bat speed. It's ALL about the bat head. The illusion of power is then you swing with your arms and then flick your wrists at the end in order to get that bat head out in the plane. When in reality that bat head didn't start picking up bat speed until much later in the swing. It's all about early bat speed.

Just kind of rambling here but those are my thoughts as of right now.


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