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Re: Adding the ability to hit with power

Posted by: jerry 220 hitter () on Sat May 7 10:22:20 2011

HI kevin >I do agree with you to a point. very small percent of people who ever played baseball have the ability to play major league baseball.and even less to hit with power at that level. no mattter who coached them.but I also belive solid fundamentals like using your body as a power source. hitting from a good balanced postion, keping a stationary head during the swing, firming up the front leg at contact. can help some one hit the ball much harder.To me hitting the ball harder doesnt have to be home runs .
It can be a small kid in little league getting line drives and ground balls thru the infield, a high school player hitting more balls in gaps for doubles.
or a big strong young major leaguer player, being taught to swing slightly up to hit the ball in the air for more homeruns . The major league is a place for the few talented elites.I have read where Jim Thome thanked charlie manual for helping him become the home run hitter he is today.of course I agree Thome had to have that ability in the first place. Don mattingly in his book credits lou pinella in helping him improve his slugging percentage. when he taught him to pull on the bat handle with his bottom hand .They say Ted Williams worked with Carl Yaz on his hip action when yastimski won the triple crown. I do belive those players I mention would have been great hitters any way.but they also improved by the players who mentored them.so I dont belive you can take most people and make them major league players but I think good solid hitting fundamentals will make a player a bettter all around hitter and that includes a increase of power .Even if that players ability will take him to a pony or high school level. He can be taught within his ability to become a better hitter with more power.


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