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level swing with backspi n

Posted by: jim mikula (jwmikula@juno.com) on Sun Nov 3 18:35:08 2002

My son has a very level swing, probably too level. He hits all ground balls and line drives with little power. When he hits a ball in the air it always has a 'reverse' backspin and when it lands instead of it driving to the fence it just plops on the ground and dies. His line drives are the same way. He has very good eye hand coordination and nearly always hits the ball. I feel if he had the proper mechanics he would be driving the ball instead of hitting these soft line drives with a wierd backspin. I have never seen anything like this. Can you help me figure out what he is doing wrong? The difficult part about his swing is when you see him swing it is one of the most level swings a kid his age has (he is 12).


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