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Re: softball slapping

Posted by: Tony (longt49@hotmail.com) on Thu Aug 30 15:39:55 2007

Hi Steve,

I am a 6A high school girls softball coach and coach a 12 y.o. travel team in Miami, Fl. One of the important things to remember about slap bunting is that most coaches teach a drag bunt and call it a slap bunt. Most 12 year old girls see boys bunting techniques and try to do the same thing they have seen in baseball--but in reverse. The drag bunt is easy for them, but, they have a lot of trouble realizing that a slap bunt is actually a short, counter-torque driven swing designed to hit the ball into the ground and make it pop high to give the runner extra time to get to the base or pop it over a drawn-in infield. West coast team have mastered this more than anywhere in the country. I recommend UCLA's Coaches school for you. Hope this helps.
> Hi,
> My 12 yr old daughter recently made her middle school softball team and her coach is trying to teach her to slap. She is having a difficult time understanding the mechanics of this and so far is unsuccessful at making contact with the ball. I have limited knowledge of slapping and was wondering if anyone knows of a website or has personal information that might help me to work with her more at home with this.


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