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Re: Rotational Works!!!

Posted by: Bill () on Wed May 3 15:07:38 2000

I agree that they really do work. I am a freshmen in high school and last year I played and did not understand mechanics so I hit mainly for contact. Now this year I learned rotational mechanics from The Science of hitting, Hit your Potential, and this site I am now hitting for power and hitting everything hard. I used to bat 5th on my team middle school team but now I bat leadoff and sometimes 4th for my high school team. All I have to work on is staying back on curves. Good luck!

Just wanted to post a testimonial to the information presented on this site.
> My son is 10 playing in 11-12yr Little League (late July birthday). He is tall and thin and does not have the "muscle" of 12yr olds on his team. He also swings a 32/21 bat.
> I found this site just before spring tryouts and began working on the hip/shoulder rotational swing with my son. We were both initially skeptical but were willing to give it a try. I knew something was working when his coach mentioned bat speed as one of the reasons for selecting my son.
> Well, we are now 5 games into the season and my son is batting in the No.3 position. He has bounced 2 to the fence (210ft.) and with the exception of two early strikeouts has put the ball into play on every pitcher he has faced.
> He remarks how he doesn't really "feel" like he is swinging hard. He also has confidence that he can get the bat around and make contact on any pitcher in the league and is no longer intimidated by the "top" pitchers.
> Last night the No.1 hitter was on 3rd when my son came up to bat. I overheard the coach tell the runner "get ready to go because Nathan is going to make contact".
> If you are skeptical of the techniques presented on this site, I challenge you to give them a try. It will take some time to adjust a hitter's technique, but it may be the answer you have been looking for. I know it is for us.
> Have a great season!!


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