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Does elbow drop while hands stay loaded?

Posted by: Sean (madmanfb8@aol.com) on Thu Aug 30 17:50:01 2007

do hands stay loaded as elbow drops toward the side of the body? then a pull with the leadshoulder/ arm is initiated, causing proper bat lag? this is kind of what i see in the good mlb swing. My problem is that I was taught the linear swing for 2 years...."get the hands ahead of the bat head." So now i begin my swing by pulling the knob of the bat straight to the pitcher, and angling my wrists back to keep the bat head behind my hands in the lag position. I cant stop this....can u give me all the cues you guys know to get me in the correct starting position? Even just doing a slow mo dry swing, i cant stop bringing the knob to the pitcher...1st movement is always hands and elbosw and knob moving towards pitcher! no power on inside pitches and on outside pitches, i am reaching with extended arms....its terriblle...tryouts have already started....ill tell u this...before i started learning this linear swing. I hadent hit for 2 years because of shoulder surgery...labrum tear....i hit 5 bombs in the first week. 2 the first day of tryouts.....This year at a new junior college....I am reaching for the balll with my hands and cant hit with anything behind it......and now i am 6'1, 194 when i was dropping bombs, i was 6'1 165...please help asap


Now please do not take this as an attack Jack. I have seen a few arguments Charley Jr and yourself have had on forums. Now he teachesa much different swing than you do. His is more linear, as yours is rotational. Now why has he been a professional hitting coach for major leaguers and you and your teachings have not even been considered for this(please give me the facts if i am wrong)....Again, I love your site and am starting to lean towards your side on all this hitting stuff; but I was too good of a hitter to ruin my swing even more by putting full trust in another coach before I question him heavily....That was my biggest mistake for the last 2 years and i am just hoping to gget back to where i was before i worsened my swing for probably near 50,000 repititions the last 2 years. That is the biggest problem with coaches. The ones who think its one swing and one swing only; and that there is only one way to teach it. Especially the ones who think they have such good information, they start fixing things that aren't broken. What you will find out is the more you tinker with stuff that is working well, the more you WILL F@#* IT UP!!!!!!


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