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For Jack- Knob to rear shoulder

Posted by: Mike (mikeskou@msn.com) on Thu Aug 30 19:21:29 2007


Dave brings up some good points that I too have been experimenting with. Should the hands be hidden at shoulder height or at arm pit height with the top hand being at the top of the arm pit? Do the hands need to be totally hidden or is the move of pulling in the hands towards the back shoulder and getting an inward turn sufficient even if not totally hidden? If you have longer arms, can you try to hide your hands higher and still get the desired result of the best rotational power you can get? Is it easier to get extension with your hands a little higher at hiding your hands set up if you have longer arms? It feels like that to me. Does that back elbow have to go all the way back as if in scapula loading when trying to hide the hands? If not, do you lose power or rotational bat speed? Thanks for taking the time to answer. I know I gave you alot to respond to.




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