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Re: Re: Re: Re: Fear of getting hit by a pitch

Posted by: jerry 220 hitter () on Thu May 12 08:01:18 2011

if the batter is on the same side as the pitcher. it can be scary for the batter .Iust before the pitcher releases the baseball all that the batter can see is the pitchers mad face and his arn wheeling in the direction of the batter. and soon the baseball will be released and flying in the direction of the batter.if the batter bails out at this point he will not only be afraid of the ball and a poor hitter as well.someone suggest switch hitting which might help.but also consider kids just dont hit enough today.what do most get 3 at bats 2 times a wk in games. ands thats all the hitting most do.if given a chance to take batting practice every day with tennis balls baseballs even playing lob pitch with his friends most kids would start to concentrate on seeing and hitting the ball instead of the ball hitting them.and make the game fun again


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