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Hitting yourself with the ball

Posted by: mpl (lotiefm@bellsouth.net) on Wed Nov 6 09:52:35 2002

Last year, the guy from the A's (I think Jermaine Dye) broke his leg by hitting himself after he swung at a pitch.

All these guys wear protection on their legs - - you know that they hit themselves often.

WHY or HOW does this happen?

Question 2 -- on inside pitches, what is the key to keeping it fair AND hitting it with power? Is contact point different than a pitch down the middle or outside? Is there any truth to "changing the bat angle", what does that mean? How does hand torque work? Should you move off the plate or fall backwards after swinging?

What's the secret? I see both extremes -- hitting yourself with the ball and Inside-out with no power. How do the big boys "make history on the inside half of the plate" according to Ted Williams.


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