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Re: Re: Re: I Need help: The infield grounders are killing me, literally

Posted by: jerry 220 hitter () on Sun May 15 10:13:43 2011

TED Williams wrote in his book if you pop up your late on the ball. IF you are to early you hit ground balls .Sounds right to me .IF you are to early your head, might be moving forward after front foot plant. giving you no stationary axis, so your body wont be able to rotate under a stationay head .Being early might be causing you hands to go out and reach for the ball disconnecting your hands and elbows from your body, and stopping circular hand path and body rotation .meeting the ball out to far might have your bat head swinging slightly down instead sllightly up at contact and it can also cause your top hand to roll over to soon. causing ground bal outs. Ted Williams also supposedly said when he got up he always tried to hit the ball in the air but in his career he hit more ground balls


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