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Re: Stay high on the backside

Posted by: Richard Schenck () on Thu Nov 7 07:11:14 2002

I tried to tell my hitting coach that this depends on how far your feet are spread apart but I guess its some kind of universal technique. And also I guess your front foot isn't allowed to roll after the swing either, I told him the reason I roll my foot is because I keep more weight back when I stride and there isn't a whole lot of pressure on my front foot. I just hate when coaches try to install some universal advice on hitters, like stay high on the backside, swing down through the ball and keep the hands high. It sure ruins a lot of hitters.
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To finish my post, at the computer you need swing clips of the good mlb hitters and ask coach if any of them stay high on the back side. Ask him to notice the shoulder dip of the good hitters and how they swing slightly up to match the plane of the pitch. As Epstein says "Are they really teaching what they see?"


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