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Re: Re: I Need help: The infield grounders are killing me, literally

Posted by: Greg (gnapierala5@yahoo.conm) on Wed May 18 14:07:11 2011

> > Does anyone have ideas on how to stop (or significantly increase the likelihood)that an in-field grounder will not be hit and at the same time be consistent with Jack's teachings here? The in-field grounders are killing me. I haven't thrown a million practice pitches or picked up those million balls for a bunch of damn grounders to the infield. It's killing me!!!
> > I think what jerry220hitter said is spot on. I videotape my son in games and most of the time the ground ball comes on swings where he is little early and his hands go out for the ball causing the bat head to flip up and top the ball. On the pop ups he is just a little late which is not very often though.
> Also have video taped 1000's of swings of my son....and normally see this when my son tries to pull an outside or middle/outside pitch instead of letting the pitch get deeper...not sure if you mentioned, are the grounders hit hard or just weak dribblers? Been able to correct it with him in the cage with a round of lollipop pitches to the outside half of the plate..he should be driving them to center or right


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