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Outside Pitches: Top Hand Pull to 11 O'Clock?

Posted by: Mickey (drmick3@cox.net) on Fri May 20 12:39:39 2011

Hi Jack,

I came across a post of yours from some time ago (7/01), in which you
are discussing the different directions the top hand pulls back for
Inside, middle and outside pitches, using the pitcher at 6 o'clock and
the plate at the 12 o'clock

I was confused by your statements that for an outside pitch, the top
hand pulls back toward 1 o'clock, since I have seen a video of just
the opposite, in which the MLB's hands are at the 11 o'clock position
for outside pitches and the 11 o'clock position for inside pitches,
which feels more comfortable to me.

Here are the relevant quotes from you 7/01 post:

"As an example - say the pitchers mound is at 6 o'clock and the plate
is at 12 o'clock - On an inside pitch the direction of pull of the top
hand is in tight, say at 1 o'clock, the back elbow will come almost
straight down to the batters side before little rotation of the
shoulders can occur. . .On a pitch more in the middle 2/3's of the
plate, the pull of the top hand is more straight-away - or at 12
o'clock. . .On recognizing an outside pitch, the batters pull of the
top hand is more away from center - or at 11 o'clock. "

When I try the 11 o'clock position for an outside pitch, I feel like
I'm disconnected and have to loop the bat around to get an angle to
swing the bat to right field (a right-handed hitter]. By rotating more
inward to the 1 o'clock position I have more coil in my
torso/shoulders from which to apply THT to hit outside pitches, and my
shoulders are pointed more toward the opposite field where I want to
take the outside pitch. From the 11` o'clock position I feel really
cramped, as I do from the 1 o'clock position for inside pitches.

Here is the clip of the an unidentified MLB batter hitting a middle,
outside, and inside pitch. run simultaneously in 3 different clips.


Since we all agree that a clip greatly helps text understanding, do

1) have a video cllip(s) of a hitter hitting inside, middle, and/or
outside pitches with the top hand pulling in the 11 and 1 o'clock
positions you espouse?

2) can you elaborate on what is less effective in what this MLB hitter
is doing. Since I don't know who the hitter is, its very possible he's
doing it wrong, but then so am I, and I'd like to fix it if its wrong.


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