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Re: yeager research

Posted by: jerry 220 hitter () on Wed May 25 08:51:45 2011

I have Yeagers tapes as well as the final arc2 and swing analisis .To me yeager big points are the batter gets his power from a straight line push off the ground , with his back foot.A batter does 4 things with his legs to swing. He (1) loads the back leg( 2) He pushes in a straight line forward with his back foot( 3)He blocks that straight line momentum with a flexed firm front knee( 4)At contact he extends the front leg and knee .He also teaches separation of body segments in the swing . Hips rotate first as the hips slow the engery transfers next to the shoulders then elbows finally hands and then the bat the engery goes from bigger to smaller body parts while he neveer says any body parts stop he says they slow as the next starts up. He also a big beliver in early lead arm extension which he says will get the hips ahead of the hands at contact.


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