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Re: Getting jammed

Posted by: rql () on Fri Nov 15 16:49:30 2002

Great site!
> I was surfing and happen to come across it.
> I have been coaching my son since T-ball(he's now 14)about rotational hitting and didn't know it. Didn't know what a Linear or Rotation swing was until I read the site.I always saw better players in my area use what I termed the "cookie cutter" swing. They all looked the same. Stride in, throw the hands out and let go with the top hand. Not a very agressive way to hit.
> Using "my" version of rotation my son sometimes gets jammed on pitches on the inside corner. I have told him to try and keep his hands inside the ball. Is this correct? Is there someting he can work on to help with this. My son is 5"10, 200lbs and verystrong with quick hands.
> Thanks,
> John

>John,hands inside the ball is correct,but may not mean much if that is all they have to go on.If he is getting jammed he is not getting the barrel out front so the fat part of bat meets the ball.By out front I don.t mean to go out and get the ball as much as I mean to keep turning the shoulders with well connected hands tell the barrel comes around to the ball.If I had to guess at your sons problem he probably is not well connected with his rear arm to his rear shoulder or he is not completing his shoulder rotationdriving the barrel out.My daughter is working through this dilema now and you can see a huge difference when well connected.A quich detail here,when you initiate the swing the rear elbow pulls down to the rib cage and is driven forward by the back shoulder driving forward.this is part of the rotational swing that really helps drive the barrel out along with the front side doing its thing.The rear arm should be in a forward L shape at contact with the elbow still near the ribs.


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