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Re: Re: I Need help: The infield grounders are killing me, literally

Posted by: Dumber than Dirt Joe (joe.flowers@nofreewill.com) on Tue Jun 7 02:12:58 2011

I think what I have posted above fixed the problem, along with a great find and very important point by Kenny New: "I videotape my son in games and most of the time the ground ball comes on swings where he is little early and his hands go out for the ball causing the bat head to flip up and top the ball..."

What I want to add is this:

4. Line up the door knocking knuckles so that when you hit out in front that the bat does not start to flip up as early as Kenny pointed out and results in more liking hitting the ball on top.

Combined with what Kenny said, I remembered that Cal Ripkin Jr. pointed out this "hole in the swing" that occurred earlier in the swing if you do not line up your door knocking knuckles. What I take from this is not that the hole in the swing may be so bad but that it drastically increases the likelihood of topping the ball at contact.

And yes, damn it, just because someone is a linear or extension hitter advocate like Cal Ripken Jr., does not mean we cannot learn from them too!!!! There is a more general life lesson in this.



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