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Question for Jack

Posted by: BLack Hole Lexicographer (Knight1285@aol.com) on Sat May 6 22:36:44 2000

Dear Jack,
I apologize for double-posting, but I just want to ensure that Big Mac's Front Knee is not glossed over (I didn't put my name,Black Hole Lexicographer, on the title). Although the title of the post may not suggest so, it questions whether or not a hitter should lock the front knee at contact, which you claim, and gives example of Mark McGwire's most recent 500-foot homers (he may hit one again before you read this post). Please read the post carefully, keeping all points in mind, and provide an answer to this question: Can a front, rotating firm bent knee at impactbe a valid alternative to locking the knee at contact?

Looking forward to your response.

The Black Hole Lexicographer


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