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Re: Re: do the hips load??

Posted by: Dave (nytino20@aol.com) on Mon Sep 3 06:28:20 2007

> > Hi Jack,
> >
> > I was reading the mechanics for launch position and the inward turn. It states 20 to 30 degrees separation of hips toward the pitcher, shoulders toward the second basemen. Does this mean that the hips stay "neutral" pointing directly towards the pitcher while the shoulders rotate back (pointing towards 2b for right hander) and this causes the 20-30 degrees separation?? Thanx for clearing it up.
> >
> > Also what really does a flexed lead knee mean?? I'm sorry if the questions sound dumb but I want to make sure I know everything because I am going to start my swing over from scratch and buy a heavy bag and really try to get my swing at least more rotational.
> Here are some thoughts that may answer your questions.
> It is critical that the hips have little or no negative roatation during the negative move. The purpose of the negative move is to aid in timing and create loading of the muscle groups used to initiate rotation. The danger in negative hip rotation is that it can easily create what we in our program call twisting. That is, the upper torso twists toward the catcher too far causing the batter's head to turn enough that he looses sight of the ball with the back eye. Less head movement means better depth perception. Excessive negative hip rotation can also prevent loading of the front shoulder all together.
> Rotation begins as weight transfer ends. The front toes touch followed heel plant, all with a flexed front knee. As heel plant occurs, the front hip is being driven rearward by the straightening action of the front leg. This halts all forward (linear) body movement, helps create favorable posture for strong rotation, and helps accelerate rotation to its maximum as the bat is contacting the ball.
> Jack may have some other observations.
> Jim

Ok so the hips stay neutral as the shoulders load back 20-30 degrees causing 20-30 degree separation respectively. Then at foot plant with a flexed knee (very important) the lead leg is driven rearward causing hip rotation while the shoulders/hands remain back??


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