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Re: Re: Re: Re: Bat lag

Posted by: Chris (chriss@yahoo.com) on Wed Jun 15 16:25:38 2011

> > > Bat too heavy?
> > >
> > > ---Nope, actually is a little light. 29 in/17 oz. He is 4'8" and 63 > lbs. Just the usual kid thing of getting the top hand elbow
> > underneath his bottom hand elbow. He rotates his shoulders too soon
> > so he is fully rotated well before impact with ball.
> My youngest son is 4'6", 72lbs. 8yrs, old.
> His 30 in./17.5 oz. bat was too heavy and was significantly dropping his bat speed. After watching and watching him, it became obvious to me that it was a bat weight problem. He had a hard time getting the ball out of the infield and it was almost always a grounder to the 2nd baseman. I got him a 29"/16 oz., and he immediately started hitting them in the outfield, some relatively deep between 2nd and 3rd base. The sadness and tears turned into happiness and smiles. He hit at least a couple to the fence and one being an in the park home run. He was sad and complaining before about not being able to hit it in the outfield.

He is always trying other kids bats so maybe he can try a lighter one. He has a big barrel 29/19, whcih he kills the ball with and I thought the added weight was helping but it is hard to tell if it was the 2 3/4 barerel or the weight.


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