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Re: Re: Big Mac's Front Knee

Posted by: SteveT () on Mon May 8 11:48:20 2000

> : I don't agree with Jack on the stiff front leg. I believe and was taught that hitting with the front knee bent allowed you to hit through the ball better. Where as hitting off a stiff front leg, forces everything back away from the pitcher hands, upper body and you can't hit through the ball as well. All the great hitters hit with a flexed but firm front side, A-Rod, Olerud, Gwynn, Big Mac. If you do see a stiff front leg it is because of the adreniline running through your body which causes you to pull away. During games the front side may stiffen up but off the tee you should try to slightly flex while still maintaining a frim front side.

Can you please explain what "hitting through the ball" actually means? The ball, remember, is only on the bat for less than a millisecond.

From a biomechanical standpoint, the front knee bracing up forces the pelvis through the second 45 degrees of rotation and prevents the front side from collapsing- you may not see it on every home run swing, but I think it is an important cue, particularly on inside pitches.

No, all the great hitters do not hit with a bent front knee. I have hundreds of swings on tape of big-league hitters, and the knee "braces up" on many of them. Take a good look at Junior, for instance.


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