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Re: Re: Re: Swing

Posted by: Black Hole Lexicographer (Knight1285@aol.com) on Mon May 8 17:08:14 2000

> BTW, When I referred to pulling with the lead arm, it (pull) is from the larger muscles in the body (via: torso,hips,legs,shoulder rotation).
> If you chopped into a tree, you can feel the "pull" first and then top hand is used for accuracy, push.
> I have changed many tractor, loader, semi tires that require you to use the body efficiently. I bring the the bead ax back over my rear shoulder and pull downward using my body (twist the hips, using the legs,abs,torso). The top hand/arm is used for accuracy to direct the ax between the tire bead and the wheel. Whenever I muscle up with the top hand (push before the pull) it results in a mis hit. If I used the arms only, exhaustion quickly followed from to many swings, mis-hits, poor power in the swing.
> The lead arm/elbow has much more to do with the swing than just setting the swing plane. The top hand is far more accurate for striking (precision) than bieng used mainly for power.
> The same thing happens in swinging a bat (sharper arc), as long as you don't muscle up with top hand and "push the hands/barrel ahead of shoulder rotation" (before you have used the larger muscles in the body).
> If you have been exposed to "top hand dominance" or just breaking the sequence by swinging with the arms. I would suggest you relax the top hand/arm. Don't overload with the top hand, disconnecting the arms/swing from the power of the body. When you break the sequence, muscle up the top hand, disconnect the hands/arms, the pull disappears. There must be a good balance of pull/push, "torque the bat between the hands" and constantly accelerate the hands/barrel in a arc.
> Some books suggest that the top hand is the power hand. While it might deliver the blow, it can effect how you use the body. There are many more (IMO) that believe in the lead arm pull (which results from using body, rotation), than those who have read a book written by two "top hand" hitters (who think the push happens first).
> Sorry, Good topic "hitches" (break in the sequence) why they happen.
> Read Jack's information on mechanics.
> Shawn
> Hello Shawn,
I am in concordance with your opinion that the centripital pull of the hips generates a large percentage of power; nevertheless, I wish to second your opinion about using the top hand.

In my opinion, I share David Hudgen's philosophy that the top hand "brings the bat to the ball," while the linear push of the top hand pushes the bat head out. The inside-the-ball position gets the bat in a position (to the top hit) where the bat handle leads the bat head, a position where a strong push of the top hand will throw the bat in a tight, circular arc.

Fell free to repond

The Black Hole Lexicographer


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