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Re: Re: Re: Re: Rotational and Ted williams

Posted by: jerry 220 hitter () on Wed Jun 29 08:27:37 2011

I think circular hand path produces more bat speed (mph). It is also quicker to the ball then the straight line hand path is.Because in both approaches the hitter, has to get into a launch postion. With the bathead over the rear shoulder.In both approaches the batter has to rotate the bat to square up the bat head, with the incoming ball.From the launch postion the straight line hand path batter pulls the hands across the chest.HIS hands can travel as far as 30 inches, in the direction of the pitcher. Then when the arms are almost fully extended they still have to rotate the bat, so the batter can square the meat of the bat with the ball.With the chp they start rotating the bathead right away from the launch postion. The bat head squares up much sooner, and the hands dont have to move as far as 30 inches in the direction of the pitcher.Before the bathead is squared up to the ball. So I think straight line hand path is a two -piece swing. Pull the hands farther out into extension towards the pitcher, then rotate the bat head .CHP rotates the bathead right away from the launch posstion.They start rotating the bat right away from behind the batters own head. The bat head square up much sooner before extension. The hands never have to travel as far towards the pitcher before the bat head squares up into contact.Straight line Handpath is late bat head rotation and disconnection. CHp is early bathead rotation and connection.


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