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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Gaining bat speed

Posted by: () on Tue Dec 3 15:07:18 2002

increase bat spee, i would say do a little bit of lifting, hips, the hips are what provide the power. and for speed wise, just work on quick hands, by getting your hands inside of the ball. swings and different drills work wonders.
> >
> > Heavy wood bats 100 times a day using good mechanics.
> > > >
> > > >
> > > > What are some drills to increase bat speed? And anything else to increase batspeed?
> > >
> > > They say that when you face a very fast pitcher you should swing faster not harder. Easier said than done. Any thoughts on how to swing faster not harder? If you face an overpowering pitcher such as Clemens was in the series but at your level and you cant catch up,you are probably reading the pitch then deciding to swing then beginning your swing as you would on the avg. pitcher but this guy has already jammed you.TedWilliams would tell his hitters they need to anticipate and start there swing in their zone and if pitch is not there then abort.this small change can make the difference in catching up or not and there is not enough momentum yet that you can't check your swing,also stay off the high pitch it will get you every time exept if you are exeptional


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