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Re: Re: Re: Re: Full extension

Posted by: Brandon () on Wed Dec 4 21:50:13 2002

The way I see it, the previous discussion got a little clouded because people don't make clear statements, don't respond directly to the other person's responses, etc. I am here to , if not offer a clear answer to the issue, at least clearly define what the real issue is.
> > > > Bart seems to think that maximum batspeed probably is achieved at the L position, and with no evidence supporting the contrary, L mechanics are the safest/best mechanics.
> > > > Teacherman seems to think maximum batspeed is achieved at full extension, but that hitters don't have the time to achieve this maximum batspeed, so they settle for less.
> > > > Full extension clearly takes more time, simply because the bat has an extra 8 inches or so to travel. I think we all agree on that point. Teacherman says that, if a hitter had that extra time to go that extra 8 inches, batspeed would increase. What Teacherman is saying is that between the L position and full extension position the bathead is still accelerating.
> > > > So, Teacherman, if you were correct that this acceleration is still taking place, then you would be right that full extension=greater batspeed, but that because of the time/quickness element it is not practical to attemt full extension. I think this is the essence of Paul's argument as well.
> > > > However, what Teacherman and Paul are missing is that their premise (bat still accelerating between full extension and Power V position)has been proved by Jack to be false. If I am not mistaken, Jack has demonstrated that by the time the top arm reaches the L position, the bat's speed HAS PEAKED. Any further movement of the bat (for example, to the Power V position) results in the bat DECELERATING, NOT accelerating. So, Teacherman, you need not spend time on the various sub-issues. The issue is: between L position and Power V position, is the bat's speed increasing or decreasing? Jack says it is decreasing, you say it is increasing. Jack has offered evidence that it is decreasing. Now your turn to offer evidence that it is increasing.
> > >
> > > JH
> > >
> > > Since your post I've been looking for evidence that Jack has proven the bat decelerates from the "L" to the Power V. I can't seem to find it. Can you point it out to me?
> > >
> > > Brandon
> >
> > Still looking for the location of the proof that the bat decelerates between "L" and power V.
> >
> > Brandon
> > >
> > >
> You need to read his material or ask Jack.

That's the problem. I have read this site several times and I don't see it. I'm probably missing it. I'd just like someone to point it out to me. Can you point it out Jack?



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