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Re: Batting Practice Speed

Posted by: jerry 220 hitter () on Thu Jul 21 08:17:56 2011

I think its a its a indivadual thing like the major league homerun derby. Some players say it ruins their swing others say it doesnt hurt their swings at all .I have been to major league parks and watched them take pre game batting practice. And they have 50 yr old coaches, standing on flat ground 40 ft away throwing 47 mph mph. Then in the games a 27 yr old is standing on a hill 60ft6inches away throwing sometimes 90mph plus. on a downward plane so who knows whats best.There was a good hitter some years back named dick allen who said he didnt even believe in pre game bp batting practice for that very reason.But if I had my way and was coaching a little league team for example. And the opposing team had a lefty who threw about 60 mph on the outside corner from 46 ft away .I think the best pre game bp would be to have a lefty pitcher who could throw 60 mph on the outside corner from 46 ft away for ten pitches to each batter. who will face that lefty pitcher that day . of couse I realize this is not always possible to have a batting practise pitcher who can match the actual game pitcher at the correct distance and similar speed.But if som0eone can I think it would be very helpful.


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