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Re: Re: Re: Re: what is a good bat speed

Posted by: Cole () on Fri Dec 6 06:43:53 2002

> I don't know how those few girls with good rotational mechanics do it considering the pitcher is in their lap. A good case for slap hitting for some without the strength to perform what's discussed here.
> That's the issue. Everybody advocates the "rotational style" of hitting for fastpitch softball AND I agree, that gives the female athlete the best chance at success. BUT besides debating theory (ie. linear or rotational), there needs to be a practical discussion and some sound advice on HOW TO help these girls succeed. So my question has been - - how much bat speed does a female hitter need in order to hit a 66 mph from 43 feet away over the fence (200 feet)?
> No answer yet. Then I would ask, if you are teaching the mechanics right (and that is a big IF in our sport), how do you get that athlete's bat speed to where it needs to be? AND practically speaking, assume you are working with marginal female athletes (nowhere near Bonds, Griffey, Sosa) and they are facing day in and day out quality pitchers throwing 65 mph from 43 feet away - - HOW do they take their "rotational mechanics" and sub par bat speed and find a way to beat that pitcher.
> Tom Guerry talked about Veronica Nelson of Cal - - about 6' tall and about 250 lbs, very strong) hitting Jennie Finch of Arizona in the College World Series using rotational mechanics. Most 18 and under girls do not have that size and strength. What does the 140 lb., 5'6" avg. girl do against Finch - - bunt or dink and hope the third baseman misses the ball. That's give up to me, but what is the alternative - - rotate like hell, with the bat going 52 mph, she has to start swinging before the ball leaves the pitcher's hand and IF she is lucky enough to hit it, you got a single and you have to pray the next batter lucks out and hits it or the catcher throws it into the outfield on a steal attempt.
> Any guidance or advice - - I know the theory discussed here is sound but I am looking for practical options for the average female athlete. Anybody?
> Jack? Tom?

If she can get up to near 60 at contact and the launch angle is in that 35 to 40 degree area. The ball will travel over 200 feet in the air. I know a guy who teaches a interesting style, he played FB for years, He couples both rotation and weight shift concepts. He isn't in the business of baseball, gives his advise for the asking. Was able to stand half the distance to a pitching machine cranked up and make solid contact every time like a tennis stroke. An old ball playing wiseman some where in the land of Lincoln. If you want his email, post your response and I will send his email to you and let him know you will be contacting him. FB is a different game then baseball, requires a different strategy. Many Years ago I watched a promotion on TV where the MLB players tried to hit a male FB player from 45ft. They couldn't touch him. I grew up near, where the male FB world chanpionship is played, My mother played till she was 29, I appreciate the game, and view it as more difficult then baseball.


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