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RE: correct way to stride -

Posted by: Jack Mankin (MrBatspeed@aol.com) on Tue Aug 2 23:07:17 2011

Posted by: jeff (heatguys70@gmail.com) on Sat Jul 30 16:09:43 2011

>>> Jack, which is the correct way to stride for a rotational hitter.<<<

Hi Jeff

I do not think there is a single correct way to stride for the rotational swing. I consider the stride a timing step to adjust the batter’s launch preparation to the rhythm of the pitcher’s movements. Some batters prefer a longer stride while some just lift the front foot and sets it back down with little or no forward movement.

I have no problem with either approach as long as the batter understands that the length of stride has little influence on how powerful the batter rotates. -- Below is a post from the Archives (with video) that discusses different theories of what induces hip and body rotation.

What Generates Hip Rotation

Jack Mankin


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