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Re: what is a good bat speed

Posted by: Mark H. () on Tue Dec 10 20:48:02 2002

>Good rotation will NOT produce 52 mph swings. My daughter is 5'1", 115 lbs and has 70-75 mph batspeed. It is not size, it is technique. Rotation produces faster batspeed.
> I can tell you from experience that there are female athletes at the D1 level with good rotation and have 52 mph swings - - dry swings.
> And I find it hard to believe that a 5'1 115 lb. female has a 75 mph bat speed? And when he says that size and strength does not matter, it is all technique --that's BALONEY. Size and strength matters.
> Does anybody know what the bat speed is for D1 female college players? Surely, someone actually knows.
> I'm not here to talk about why someone is D1 or D3, that is not the issue -- we are her to talk HITTING and it is fair for people to ask and want to know what a good bat speed is for females - - why buy a machine that measures bat speed and then have no idea or reference point

This is going to sound smart aleck I'm afraid and I really don't mean it that way but...the reference point is, more is better. Don't spend time comparing your hitter's speed in swinging with some Olympic team member. Just work on getting better and faster. Then let performance against the best pitching tell you any comparisons you need to make. Just like working on weights. Don't spend time worrying if your hitter is lifting as much as Barry Bonds. Just get stronger every week and then go play the game.

Mark H.


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