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Re: Rearward acceleration - Key to high level swing

Posted by: George () on Mon Sep 10 16:24:41 2007

Jack/All. This is another THT vs. Hitch argument. In my opinion Hank Aaron uses THT (does not drop his hands-but takes the hands upward ala Manny Ramirez) in order to hit and in doing so there is a continuous CHP throughout his swing.

Ernie Banks is in my opinion is using a hitch where he clearly drops his hands (similar to Sammy Sosa) and brings them back to a good hiting position and launches a CHP from somewhat of a still position.

I think there is no debating both were great hitters. It could also be said that both likely had great batspeed. But I would guess Banks was a more powerful player though Aaron hit more homeruns overall. This is all to say that 2 great hitters ARE NOT using the same THT principles to hit effectively. Therefore we almost have to conclude that is much harder to apply a broad level of absolutes and claim all great hitters are doing one thing.


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