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Re: Re: Re: Rearward acceleration - Key to high level swing

Posted by: Brian () on Mon Sep 10 22:01:26 2007

> > > Hi All
> > >
> > > I have often pointed out that the very best hitters generate their exceptional power and bat speed with transfer mechanics that first accelerates the bat-head rearward to and through the lag position (bat sweeping past the catcher). With these mechanics, they have already generated considerable bat speed in the rearward portion of the swing plane before they direct their energy toward the ball.
> > >
> > > The bat-head arcs through about 180 degrees from its launch position behind the head to contact. The bat first moves rearward 90 degrees to the “lag” position, and then 90 degrees from the lag position to contact. The reason the bat first moves rearward 90 degrees to the lag position is because a batter CANNOT generate maximum bat speed with a static bat at the lag position. Great hitters generate great bat speed because their mechanics is accelerating the bat-head around the entire 180 degrees.
> > >
> > > Notably, most average hitters use upper-body mechanics that simply take his hands and knob toward the ball without first generate bat speed by taking the bat rearward toward the catcher. Driving the knob forward causes the bat-head to just lower and trail behind the hands.
> > >
> > > Shawn stated many times in his analysis video that there is no rearward acceleration of the bat-head and that the bat only accelerated downward. Of course the bat lowers downward into the swing plane, but it also moves rearward. Shawn discounts (or misunderstands) the force applied by the top hand as the rear elbow lowers into the slot, even though video analysis clearly shows the bat moving rearward when this occurs.
> > >
> > > There is no point in further discussing this with Shawn, but you be the judge: is there rearward acceleration of the bat?
> > >
> > > <a href="http://home.comcast.net/~ben_2004/plttht.wmv">Shawn’s Analysis</a>
> > >
> > > <a href="http://www.batspeed.com/media/Sosa_Launch2Lag.wmv">My Analysis</a>
> > >
> > > Jack Mankin
> >
> >
> > Mr. Jack Mankin. I think we have a MAJOR problem. And that problem is not that You or Shawn is right or wrong, but that two intelligent people can look look at the EXACT/same footage and draw completely different conclusions. As such, rather than concede to dismiss the argument, I would suggest that you and Shawn at some point in the future find a way to use other resources to come to the same conclusion one way or the other.
> >
> > Further, this is not about the majority opinion either way but finding a way to the truth. If necessary it might help if Sosa and or another hitter who used the same principle described what he is doing/feeling during the swing.
> >
> > If you have opportunity, please show a side view A-Rod or Pujols next to Sosa. I believe you will see that A- Rod or Pujols exhibits more of what you preach than Sosa or a Jim Thome.
> >
> > In addition, I feel Ramirez also exhibits what you preach, but his teammate Ortiz does not in my opinion.
> Jack,
> You have nothing, not only did you completely dodge the issue of PLT and THT, but your now saying that the bat moving to the lag position is the bat arcing backwards. Do you think it takes a special mechanic to arc the bat to lag?'
> The bat remains cocked as long as possible. Becuase of this there is a sharpness to the arc of the bat from rotation. There is no special mechanic except to use rotation and stay connected.
> I know your MO is to aviod question and refute video evidence, but that one takes the cake.
> I bet you don't have enough guts to even post this message.
> Shawn


Not "enough guts." Please. Who do you think you are other than someone who has been proven incorrect several times in the past month? Teacherman was absolutely correct that you have your head so far in the sand that you have no desire to learn or discuss. Instead, you come on here with an angry tone, posting one nonsensical comment after another. Frankly, I don't mind posting your statements and your video to display what you are really all about, but to keep the discussions informative for OTHER VIEWERS you had better find a more productive way to convey your message in the future or you can return to your site and talk to yourself.

As for the issues discussed recently, you first denied that the bat rotates more degrees than the shoulders to contact (you said they rotated the "same" amount), so we post video showing you that the bat rotates about 250 degrees while the shoulders rotate only about 90 degrees. Then you try to change your story that claims that wasn't what you meant.

Next you say that the bat does not move before the shoulders start to rotate, so we again show that you are mistaken.

Next you say that there is no rearward movement of the bat, only downward. We post a video showing that the bat moves rearward. You then post a video, wherein you awkwardly concede at one point that the bat moves backward after drawing lines, but then you deny it and claim that it is the camera angle and that the bat only moves downward.

We post another video showing a side shot of Sosa with grid lines so that the viewers can make up their own mind. This video clearly shows a rearward movement corresponding to PLT followed by the lowering of the rear shoulder. You again deny what you are seeing.

You further refuse to answer the question: 1) after PLT, as the back elbow lowers into the slot and applies pressure on the top hand, is the bat moving rearward toward the catcher or only downward? You also ignore the whole point of Jack's reason for this mechanic - it generates early bat speed. In fact, more bat speed than can be generated with CHP only (i.e., a static bat and pure shoulder rotation).

A few other questions for you: 2) why don't most good hitters start with the rear elbow down if it is purely a wasted movement; 3) why do most good hitters use an inward turn rather than start with a static bat since you believe only CHP creates bat speed; 4) why don't you promote starting with the bat horizontal against the back shoulder since you believe no energy can be gained from PLT or THT?

Ah well, don't bother answering with more hollow spite as it really doesn't matter anymore since your objective is to fight, not discuss and inform the viewers of ideas and batting mechanics.



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