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Re: Re: Re: Re: What linear cues actually mean

Posted by: Paul (paul.stein0@gmail.com) on Mon Aug 22 15:24:35 2011

> On our 10u team, another one of the coaches likes to use a "two-tee" drill where the back tee is higher than the front tee holding the ball. I don't let my son do this drill. We have a debate going over this drill. I feel if improperly administered (and maybe even properly administered) this drill will promote a linear hand path and extension-type hitting. Has anyone ever seen this drill and used it successfully? I think Charlie Lau would love the drill, butI don't think it promotes a high level swing.


Welcome to the site. Two tee drills (chopping down) are some of the WORST drills you can have your child do (especially if it's set up in that particular way). The only way to do it successfully is not to do it. Charlie Lau would have liked the linear hand path portion, but not the down-swinging part. He (apparently) believed in a "level to the ground swing"

You're right in telling your son not to do the drill.


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