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Re: Another Question for Jack

Posted by: grc (grcrackel@yahoo.com) on Tue May 16 19:18:25 2000

Dear Jack,
> Although I hit right-handed, I notice that you firmly opine the bottom hand is the chief source of batters for hitters. If so, would not logic dictate that individuals (rotational style) batting the opposite way they throw have an advantage in applying torque since their bottom hand is the hand which they throw with?
> Please reply soon Jack.
> Sincerely,
> The Black Hole Lexicographer.....................i was intrigued by your question because my 18-year-old son throws right and bats left...i don't see him as having any advantages in applying torque...in fact, he has the opposite problem of many hitters....he hits everything to left/left-center, but he can not pull the ball to right field, at least for line drives...when he hits to left which is most of the time he hits line drives...when he hits to the right side, it is usually a groundball....i am sure that this problem is related to his bottom arm being the dominent arm and it's causing his arm to pull in tooooooooo close to the body...a real severe "inside-out" swing that countless coaches and instructors have been unable to identify a solution for...example...one instructor said he needs to "stay inside the ball", "take the knob and hands straight to the ball" and proceeded to prescribe the "fence drill"!!!! his problem is having the hands toooo "inside the ball" and this instructor prescribed the "fence drill"!!!!
> Knight1285@aol.com


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