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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: HOOK effect

Posted by: Brandon () on Sat Dec 14 09:21:05 2002

Sounds right to me.Thanks.
> Technically we are right on I think but I have a hard time with kids when I talk about pinching scapulas,and though I have gotten them to understand it in loading there must be a better way to explain on the front side to get tighter rotation.I use hook the hand path by pulling back with the shoulder.This also helps with kids who are about to get jammed and they have had a tendency to buy time by trying to go up and under to inside out it on an inside pitch and they have no success.As soon as they keep the bat more horizontal and hook they hit the o.s. of the ball fair and hard much more often and we are getting the feel built in of that taking 200 swings a day for winter ball off our new machine.

I have a question! Is the way a rebounder in basketball holds the ball between his hands at his chest and swings his elbows to keep people away from him an example of good arm connection to a rotating body?



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