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Re: your theory

Posted by: () on Thu May 18 08:39:39 2000

Hi Jack (and others),
> Your theories (which you have actually proven by desire / fortitude) are impressive. I took your principles and am simply trying to grasp them myself before trying to explain them to an 8 year-old. When I swing with the top hand torque method, it seems to make so much sense as far as opposite directional torque. I realize there is no other way to produce torque. But the motion to bring the top hand toward the catcher must be so quick I am wondering if this is not taking time away from the momentum of naturally feeling the swinging motion of the arc. Everything must happen so fast (especially for a fastball), I notice that to draw the bat head in this favorable arc that the top hand must clearly be flexible and somewhat loose to allow natural arcing and flow. In other words, it makes more sense to somewhat move the bat around while waiting for the windup to get the feeling of the torque sensation. I noticed that if I moved the bat around in a circle (bat-head) while anticipating the pitch or windup that I could almost feel the power about to be generated in my mind. It's like a catapult ready to launch (not truely but a cocked feeling). I ask you "Is this a good idea" or do you preach keeping the bat still. Let me know what you think about my thought here and that goes for anyone else reading this as well.


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