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Re: More video proof ... Giambi's Swing

Posted by: George () on Thu Sep 13 14:50:13 2007

> <<<Brian. Rather than take shots at each other which I do not desire, do you personally feel Giambi is using rearward acceleration in his swing? And do you think Giambi exhibits better than average batspeed?>>>
> -------
> Even though Giambi starts with more of a static bat, his bat nevertheless also accelerates rearward and downward into the swing plane.
> <a href="http://www.batspeed.com/media/Giambi_rearward.wmv">Clickity for Proof</a>
> Despite all the name dropping, video analysis clearly shows what we've been saying - great hitters accelerate the bat rearward from the launch position and downward into the swing plane - but it has been a good, lively discussion.
> Brian

Brian. No offense but can you show the swing from the start (just for comparison purposes for viewing). Also, it is clear from what I think you and Jack were trying to show that Shawn and myself misunderstood the term rearward acceleration. I would also point out that even Frank Thomas who is often labeled as a linear hitter shows that similar degree of rearward acceleration. If possible please show Thomas' entire swing (on a homerun) if you can and are willing. I thank you in advance for continuing the discussion through your feedback.

As such it appears that what you are saying is that the fat part of the bat goes backward in the loop/swing process. I agree 100% because if it did not we would have a chop.

My question concerned the rearward acceleration of the hands going back and up (Ramirez, A-Rod) to initiate the pendulum of going forward. In my observation the pulling of the hands back and up produces a greater potential force than the hands being dropped. This is because the hands going up is more of a shorter continuous aching motion, than the hands dropping and having to come up. When the hands drop there is almost a stall of the process as in the case of Sosa and Kenny Lofton.


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