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Lead elbow up at contact implies BHT

Posted by: Dumber Than Dirt (joe.flowers@nofreewill.com) on Sat Oct 8 12:33:55 2011

Hello Everyone,

At this moment in time after a lot of work and study, it seems to me
that the lead elbow being up and pointing out toward the pitcher (as
is a key characteristic of the best rotational hitters) is that this
position of the elbow is a direct indication and result of significant

If the bat head is below the hands (as it should be) at contact and
the hitter is using a lot of BHT, then the front elbow will naturally
slide into this up "slot" because that is the "path of least
resistance" position for the lead arm when significant BHT is being

I used to think that having the front elbow up is a causing factor
(something that the batter should consciously try to do) in a great
swing but now I believe it is actually the effect (the result) of a
good swing, specifically a good swing having BHT.

Additionally, my son is consciously trying to use more BHT on every
swing now and he seems to be putting at least 20 to 30 or more feet on
his hitting distance (at least). He also says that he feels like he is
hitting the ball harder.



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