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Re: Re: Slow Motion Swings

Posted by: Ross (rpmyher@gmail.com) on Sun Oct 23 20:35:06 2011

> Thanks for sharing. I'd like to hear from the those who know more
than I, what are they doing less than optimally if anything? Obviously
they get results but Fielder especially looks off balance and little

I think that Fielder is off balance after his hit is over. The thing
I found shocking is how, AFTER the plant of the front foot, their
swings are nearly identical! After the ball is gone, and they fully
extend, their swings differ, and Prince looks really bad, but if you
watch carefully, during the swing, he does the same thing as the

I would love for Jack to comment on the swings and use these videos
like he has in the past. It seems they do what he talks about.

> What's a best gauge of "swing correctness" anyway? Home runs,
average, how it looks? Something else?

I think it has to do with using the body, hips, shoulders first, then
the rotational swing and top had torque that Jack talks about to get
the incredible bat speed through the hitting zone. All of the hitters
in the video do this. Really neat IMHO.

Thanks for watching.



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