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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Finer points of top hand torque

Posted by: grc (grcrackel@yahoo.com) on Fri May 26 20:13:11 2000

The mechanics described by Jack do not appear to be dependent on great arm strength.They transmit the power of the trunk rotation via a circular handpath to a position where the lead shoulder pulls the bottom hand back and the front shoulder pushes the top hand forward torquing the bat between the hands at contact. tom...im not really referring to arm strength...what i am asking is if you could review the sosa clip at www.setpro.com and provide your analysis...what i am specifically interested in is whether or not what sosa is doing with his top hand is what you and jack are referring to vis a vis the outside pitch...i know it's hard to articulate a concept such as this without visual aids, and i think the sosa clip could be the perfect visual aid for me to understand the concept that you and jack are trying to get across....thanks...


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