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Re: bottom hand swing initiation

Posted by: tom.guerry () on Sun Sep 23 12:01:04 2007


I think this is also similar to Jack's description of how the direction of THT varies for inside vs outside. Not only is it important that the direction is different, BUT for plate coverage it is important for HOW the variation takes place/sequences, so it as if the same loading path is always started, then interrupted early to turn more/sooner on inside and and continued longer also stretching lead arm longer to get "earlier batspeed" for outside.

In any case. the lead arm needs to not have slop/get dragged by shoulder turn. instead, the lead arm needs to act so load is finished and reversed quickly which is done by the lead arm controlling how the shoulders tilt rather than turn to have the load end with a quick stretch and fire, not a push/drag of the hands.

Peavy has a nice set of 1 arm lead arm drills, then adding the top hand.

Jack's approach is to learn the CHP with one armed top hand drills (learn to avoid top hand dominance pushing/disocnnecting the swing, AND using the heavy bag at contact to learn good timing so the batsped accelerates to max right at contact, then adding lead arm/BHT, then adding back arm/THT.


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