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Re: Re: Re: What colleges are open minded about rotational hitting

Posted by: Cameron McDougall (cmcdougall999@gmail.com) on Sat Dec 3 10:46:56 2011

Well first off if you are adding a dimension to your swing such as top
hand torque I think it is fair to say that initially you will get
worse before you get better. Changing your swing in any way especially
for a young batter is difficult when your at bat and under pressure in
a real game. It would be nice if the coaches took the long view and
understood that in the long run this would be good for the boy. But
too many coaches just want a short term win or have big egos and are
not open to new ideas. This last season was rough for my son as in the
first half of the season his stats declined as he adapted to his new
swing using Top Hand Torque. Later in the last half of the season his
stats improved and were better than the previous year, and yes the
coach let him be, but another boy would have given up and reverted to
this hitting down, A to B mentality and never see the result. Just
this last week we went to a college camp at a city in Minnesota and
the instructor was shaking his head and saying NO No No watching my
son's swing and again saying A to B ,hit down, slice the ball don't
loop your swing. He said in BP he did well but if he would change
(linear) his swing he would do better. Very tiring. The happy Gilmore
drill they gave my son to do, just left him shaking his head... saying
for sure he wouldn't want to get a scholarship there. Makes me want to
do a website where I could list all the schools open to rotational
hitting, so kids don't end up at schools that deconstruct their swing.


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