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Re: Re: Re: What colleges are open minded about rotational hitting

Posted by: Paul () on Sun Dec 11 12:24:53 2011

> >> Would like to know what colleges or baseball camps are open minded about
> > rotational hitting. Tired of having my son put up with coaches that only
> > teach one way (linear) and want to change my sons rotational mechanics. <<
> >>> It doesn't matter what he uses. If he can hit, they won't touch him. <<<
> Hi Paul
> I really wish that were always true. However, that is not what I find in far too many cases. I receive a good number of e-mails from my students that are now playing college ball complaining their college coaches are demanding they conform to their style of hitting.
> Some of these players were given scholarships because of their batting performance but are told their rotational swing may have worked in high school ball but they must adhere to the coaches program (linear) to be successful at the college level. These players become very demoralized and I wish I could offer them advice on how to handle this situation -- nothing adequate comes to mind.
> Jack Mankin


I would tell my students to say "Yes, Sir" and just keep doing what
they've been doing.


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